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International Management:

Promotion Manager: Kathy Keller

Phone: +31 (0) 6 30094688

Email: [email protected]

Label: Friendly Folk Records

Email: [email protected]

Bookings: [email protected]


Press Photos send request to:

[email protected]

Drusuna creates Ritual Pagan Folk music as described in this self-penned quotation:

"The connection to the mother earth is what we pursue through our music. Shamanism is presented in our concept as a link to the ancestral roots to which we belong. The modern world has reached a level where people have almost lost their connection with nature. Humans are using and have abused the planet to the point of no return! Despite their intelligence and technology, most of them are not able to raise their consciousness to a level high enough to hear the planet's grief, because they are full of arrogance and greed. It is urgent to find once again the missing link and connect with nature once more...Drusuna intend to spread this message through their music. Ritual Pagan Folk music!"

With such a poetic introduction, it is without doubt that Drusuna offer a special listening experience. Drusuna is a Pagan Folk Band from Gallaecia (Northern Portugal). The roots of Drusuna project began in 2009 by Sephirus and brother Alvahagal (who is longer with the project, but his inspiration remains). The initial idea was to create primitive sounds with only organic ethnic musical instruments made from wood, stones, and other natural elements. The main idea was to build something directly from the roots of the earth, because the call of nature was the driving force behind the project. Torano joined the project (2011) introducing wind instruments like bagpipes and whistles. The original compositions were created deep in the forest, away from people, just playing rhythms and melodies and enjoying nature. By 2014 Waili (didgeridoo) and Kluto (guitar) joined in and Drusuna became an official band. After two years of productive rehearsals came the concept of their debut album, “Kaytos Kom” (2016). This is an introspective conceptual work that takes a deep journey through ancient time and space; an era where humankind was connected with nature and ancestral roots were strong a pure. Drusuna left the forest and hit the stage in 2016 at Oestrymnis folk festival, Ponte da Barcacelt folk festival and other stages throughout Portugal. Summer 2017, Drusuna received international attention resulting in management, My Music Matters-MT and label. March/2018 found the release of Kaytos Kom in digital and physical format via Friendly Folk Records. Drusuna were well received during their Netherlands debut in Fall/2018 at Fantasy Fest Rijswijk and were nominated in the Top-5 international acts for the BFA Music Awards in Netherlands. Drusuna will return to the Netherlands Summer/2019 to perform at Castlefest, Lisse!

Band Members: Torano, Sephirus Oakborn, Waili, Kluto, Sim

Official Website: