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Services - My Music Matters Management Triad

Are you in search of that special Artist or Session Musician?

Are you a FOLK genre musician looking for a reputable Indie Record Label?

  • Check out our Artists at Friendly Folk Records and join our Freindly Folk Family!

Are you a musician looking for Publicity, Promotion, or English Writing/Editing Services?

  • See description of services below.

What we do...

  • Connect you with industry professionals: studios, producers, music/merchandise production companies, record labels, managers, agents and more
  • Keep you up to date on the latest trends in social media and self-promotion
  • Introduce and promote your music to media & radio stations
  • Create your text for biography, website, press releases
  • Offer tips on improving your image & branding
  • Lyric editing, proofreading and advice
  • Coaching tips for live show dynamics!
  • Provide support and encouragement!

What we DON’T do...

BOOKING!!! We are NOT a booking agency, we are a management/promotion company!

We work closely with festivals, venues, and freelance booking agents. During the process of introducing/promoting your music, we secure several shows per act. Sometimes, our freelance booking agents will request to represent our acts, which is a win-win situation for us all. We retain 20% of the Gage.

Description of Services:

Triad #1: Artist Management Support

All artists will receive Business Manager services as part of Basic/Deluxe Accounts. A business manager provides Artist consultation and ensures continuity of all of the Artists endeavors, such as: liaison between Artist, studio, label, booking agents, and promotion/publicity campaign status. If you are in search of an Artist Manager or Personal Assistant, we can connect you via our referral network. 

Triad #2: Promotion/Publicity Service

*NEW* Artist Spotlight: €30 per year

Basic Account: €15.00 per month

Deluxe Account: €24.99 per month

Choose extra Promotion/PR packages!

Genre specific promotion!

Unique 'Promo Pack' designed per Artist.

Triad #3: English Writing/Editing Services

One week turn around time for documents under 200 words. Note: Triad Level Three is for EVERYONE, all genres and businesses! Press Release (€240), Lyric Edits (€15 per song), Documents (€50 minimum/€0.09 per word). Reasonable prices and fast service.

Email or call for a price quote.

Email: [email protected]

Worldwide Music Distribution, Record Label, Booking referral services...

Dutch Music Works, is our service associate for our Artists who are ready for worldwide music distribution. Physical and digital distribution services are offered with fair and realistic contract agreements. 

Friendly Folk Records, our in-house indie record label, represents folk genre music. We also work closely with other indie record labels (who represent Artists from diverse genres) as liaison for our non-folk Artists. 

FFR Booking Referral, (freelance agents) is offered to Artists signed with Friendly Folk Records and/or My Music Matters-MT. In addition, we promote our Artists to venues/festivals for maximum exposure.